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Better-Ray Packaging

This is a revolution of battery package due to the function of storage and categorize. The idea is all about environmental protection, from the material of the package to the structure, which helps storage and collecting all the used batteries. New and used batteries are separated by a piece of hard board. Once the last battery is taken, the hard board will drop to the bottom sealing the opening.


Batteries play an essential role in people’s life. However, the components such as zinc, manganese, and lithium, may cause chemical burns on skin or in people's eyes, who are not that friendly. What’s more, used batteries, if go to landfill, will contaminate the groundwater. All in all, since batteries are not biodegradable, the best way to disposal is recycling.

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However, the packages on the market fail to help with disposal or recycling. The problems are as follow:

  • hard to open

  • not seal: once open, the box will lose the ability for storage and new batteries may roll out
  • nowhere to put used batteries: people usually get another container for used batteries to distinguish the used one with the new ones



What if the package could have multiple uses, such as:

  • easy to open and seal
  • contain both new and used batteries
  • help to recycle the used batteries



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3D Packaging - In Use.jpg

A' Design Award  Bronze

A' Design Award


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Adobe Design Achievement Award Semifinal