Brand Identity for Zijian

A branding for the most popular freeskier in china. the products serve for the promotion.



Zi Jian is one of the most popular freeskiers in china. He fell in love with this sport as the first ski resort was built 15 years ago. His talent helped him in achieving many championships. When everyone was learning how to ski, he strove for creating new tricks and had formed a solid personal style far ahead. 

During those years, Zi Jian had won sponsorships from  Salomon, The North Face, Electric, Ashbury, Horsefeathers, Coal. As he becomes more and more popular, Zi Jian has already settled a public impression  that could speak for himself. What he needs now is his own branding.

Ascribe to those characters, the keywords are as follow:

  • pioneer
  • tough
  • unique



Freeskiing, or new school skiing is a specific type of skiing, which involves tricks, jumps, and terrain park features, such as rails, boxes, jibs, or other obstacles. This form of skiing resulted from a combination of the growth in popularity of snowboarding as well as the progression of Freestyle skiing. "Newschoolers", or those who specifically ski in this style, as opposed to traditional freestylers, freeriders, big mountain skiers, and racers, are often found in terrain parks, which are designed specifically for tricks.


Spirit of freeskiing:

  • advanced
  • extreme
  • young